Fashion Month Highlights

Photo by on Unsplash

There are already so many monumental highlights and milestones and we’re just rolling over into the second part of the fashion month. We don’t even know where to begin as each of the events seems as relevant as the next. Therefore, let us get straight to the point as there is a lot going on and not enough space to cover it all.

The year of diversity


Even though the fashion industry has been making strides when it comes to diversity in aspects such as gender, race, body types and sizes, and age, this season the effort was more visible than ever. We had a variety of models, from those representing ‘standard beauty’ to those who are incredibly beautiful in a way that’s unconventional for the fashion world. One such show that perfectly depicts diversity at its best, was the Savage X Fenty show, in which women of all shapes, sizes and skin colors walked the runways in sultry lingerie that was made to feel every woman sexy and included. This comes as no surprise as Rihanna has made inclusivity paramount in her makeup line as well. Other designers also opted for real people instead of traditional models. Brands such as Christian Siriano and Chromat, as well as Mara Hoffman, Sies Marjan, Cushnie and Michael Kors – who has adopted this practice a while ago.

The presence of food


Among all other highlights, Quartzy has decided that food was one of the biggest trends during NYFW. Namely, designers have walked the extra mile to provide a great variety of foods for fashionistas and A-listers attending the shows, as well as for photographers, editors, stylist and all other people aside from models who are traditionally equipped with a grand spread backstage. This is definitely one highlight worth noting, as FW tends to get a little frantic and people are busy waiting for shows to start, so they start getting hungry. This is something we mere mortals should keep in mind as well, and always carry nutrient-packed healthy snacks that will fuel us with energy during a hectic day.

A word from the queen herself



It’s not officially over until the only lady who matters speaks, and at the end of each fashion week, Anna Wintour is gracious enough to share her thoughts with us. When speaking of NYFW, she commended both the designers and the models for their level of palpable joy, and a sense of positivity in the midst of gloomy political and social times. She called the lines fearless and bold and was especially glad that Rodarte made an appearance (and quite an impressive one at that) after a two-year hiatus. She mentioned Ralph Lauren’s fantastic success in the brand’s 50 years of business as well. The collections presented were, according to her, true to the brands’ visions. Inclusivity was also applauded. The overall impression was optimistic, and she had a great point to everything she stated in her recollection of the week.  

A year of anniversaries and a year of firsts


When it comes to London, there is so much to tell. Let’s first begin by celebrating debuts. Both Alexa Chung and Victoria Beckham, decided to make their first London appearance, as opposed to presenting in New York. Both lines were spectacularly wearable and it shows that they had real women with real lives and normal lifestyles in mind, and these collections will probably be worn by everyone from bloggers, to businesswomen and moms. Mary Katrantzou made quite an impression with her line, which was inspired by all her previous collections and motifs used in them – from stamps, to bits and pieces of famous paintings and all that she’s known for, and the show was a smashing success. As far as new beginnings go, in New York we had the opportunity to witness the first show by Carolina Herrera under the creative reign of Wes Gordon. A similar new beginning was celebrated in London as well, as the new creative director of Burberry, Riccardo Tisci, sent out no less than 113 looks, all very true to Burberry’s original vision, but with an appeal for younger clientele as well.

The political aspect


In the wake of the Digital Age, the #MeToo movement and general frenzy over gender and sexual orientation rights, several of London’s prominent designers made quite the stand. This is highly unusual because when the climate is shifty as it is today, designers usually go into retreat, but this year they put it all out there. Nicholas Kirkwood, for instance, opted for building a chaotic forest of computers and wires – an homage to the subculture of hacking. However, the real highlight of the show was the appearance of activist Rose McGowan, who, by taking off her shoes and holding them up, made a powerful statement for a cause she’s been fighting for. Erdem gave us a wonderful collection that, like all others, we would want to wear every single day of our lives, but there was a not-so-hidden message behind it. Namely, the collection celebrates crossdressing and queer culture as it was heavily inspired by ‘Fanny and Stella’, AKA Frederick Park and Ernest Boulton, bold cross-dressers who lived in the Victorian age. The designer got the inspiration from the place where he currently resides and where he first heard the story of the first two openly queer cross-dressers of that age.

Politics, diversity, sexuality, joy, fearlessness, new beginnings and celebrations of old traditions – not bad for the first two weeks. Now all we have to do is sit tight and see what Paris and Milan have in store for us. Until then, enjoy the collections and make your wish lists as there is truly so much to desire.