Channeling International Fashion Week Street Style Vibes

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Who says that fashion weeks are all about catwalks? Yes, newest designs and trends are interesting, after all, designers and celebrities are all there to check out what’s hot. But off-catwalk happenings are intriguing as well. Creations that can be seen in the streets during fashion weeks can be equally, if not more, exciting and innovative. If you’re a fashionista and your true passion is fashion, you can always find inspiration in street style worldwide.

Tokyo says: “Dare to wear”



Tokyo has always been edgy and innovative, and this year’s Fashion Week proved it again; some of the strangest creations could be seen in the streets. One thing that was impossible not to notice was oversized everything: fluffy handbags the size of regular overnight bags, sneakers with enormous platforms, baggy jeans, huge hairstyles, and oversized flowy coats which don’t hide your great figure as they’re cinched at the waist. Neon and futuristic clothes also proved to be popular, and you couldn’t help but notice some truly amazing creations, but even more prominent is the trend of neon makeup and hair colour. Neon pink meets lime green and turquoise hair, and braids woven and dreadlocks decorated with neon yarn are as hot as bright yellow eyeliner and fuchsia-painted brows.

Helsinki is slick and artsy

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People of Helsinki are the reflection of the city itself: artsy, modern, minimalistic and edgy with a pinch of naughtiness. It seems that there aren’t any prominent trends, but rather, everyone’s doing a great job expressing themselves through fashion. People’s love for sustainable fashion is noticeable, but that doesn’t mean that they’re uniform. It can be a real surprise for some to discover just how unique and slick minimalism can be. Monochrome is dominant, and even if prints are present, usually it’s only a single statement piece with the rest of the outfit remaining more modest. When it comes to shoes, it looks like Helsinki people like their shoes comfortable and chic, so there are plenty of sneakers and flat sandals to be seen on the streets.

Paris says: “Delicate and feminine”




It looks like Paris fashion will never ever let go of its love for everything delicate, feminine and mysterious. Also, those typically French pieces such as red scarf, black jacket, and striped shirt are still popular and still just as fashionable. Ladies embrace their femininity instead of trying to hide it, so they can be seen showing off their shapely figures in black overalls, white shirts, fashionable belts as well as silk dresses and velvet kimonos. Plain duster coats worn over silk slip dresses paired with stiletto heels simply scream ‘elegance’, while billowy blouses tucked into pants are both elegant and laid-back at the same time.

Sydney cherishes minimalism




People from the Land Down Under are known for their love of laid-back style, and they do an amazing job coming up with fashionable outfits from comfortable everyday pieces. Aussie girls are in love with versatile pieces which can quickly be transformed from casual to elegant, and denim is still a favourite: ripped denim skirts with comfy sneakers or ankle boots, ripped boyfriend and high-waist jeans, as well as denim jackets with plenty of patches are everywhere. The most popular sunglasses in Australia are those oversized ones with thick, colourful frames and reflective lenses.

Street style seems to have grown into something bigger and more powerful than people ever anticipated. There are also street style editorials, and even designers often find inspiration off the runways. It is a great way to incorporate some of your favourite runway-vibes and trends into your own style, and find new ways to express yourself and stay fashionable and unique at the same time.