What Are the Influencers All About This Season


Photo by Sylvie Tittel on Unsplash

The era of Instagram changed every aspect of life for Millennials and Generation Z in comparison to older generations. With over 800 million monthly users, this social media platform is an easily accessible, attractive, and reliable source for both influencers and followers.

Millennials represent one-fourth of the population, and online is where they go to browse and shop. Fashion bloggers are their trendsetters, and Instagram influencers are their role models. They are the kings and queens of the world of social media impact. Therefore, in order to succeed, all sorts of industries are nowadays obliged to come to terms with this new dynamic. And what better medium for advertisement than a peer-to-peer visual and digital connection?

Besides celebrity families, reality TV stars, and models such as the Kardashians and the exotic Hadid siblings, there are many more down-to-earth yet super famous social media stars. They start from humble fashion blogging or makeup art vlogging and end up as multi-millionaires, just like Chiara Ferragni and Aimee Song.

However easy it may seem, being an influencer brings a burden of social responsibility for an individual. Some of them are only kids who happen to share their zeal for travelling, food, or fashion on their social media accounts. However, some chose to turn their hobbies into a professional calling, and they sure as hell succeeded in doing so. Sabina Socol, Molly Blutstein, Leyna Bloom, and Federico Spinas are some of the names you should definitely follow and seek influence from this season!

Fashionable Street Styles


Millennials are urban, rebellious, and alternative. They blur the lines of dress codes and fashion trends, go beyond the traditional, and think, act, create, and look outside of the box. Widespread fashion trends are becoming obsolete and formal dress codes replaced with comfortable, casual styles. Athleisure looks are still going strong this season, so if you feel like wearing your yoga pants with a simple gray crop top, bloggers definitely approve. And if this is your choice, make sure you follow Nicole Loher because, besides helping you achieve that Bella Hadid athleisure look, she will also inspire you to turn to an active, healthy lifestyle, drink plants, and do yoga in order to get the body to match the clothes. On the other side, turn to Socol’s recent posts for some romantic summer looks with lots of denim and floral designs or Lauren Caruso’s feed for casual minimalistic vibes and perfect combinations of black and white.

Beauty and Body Care


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What happened with the fashion movement regarding clothing happened with beauty trends as well. Over the last couple of years, along with the waves of tolerance promotion and anti-discrimination campaigns, strict mainstream trends have been greatly denounced by many makeup artists and beauty bloggers. Instead of setting the trends, influencers focus on promoting the idea of unique and individual beauty standards along with the importance and advantages of turning to natural body care products. Especially during this season, Weeknd muse Hannah Donker and many other influencers recommend using natural anti-ageing skincare products in order to protect your skin from sun damage and step up your summer no-makeup game.

Travel Destinations


Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

Exotic destinations are always the most attractive ones for influencers to see and be seen at. This season, most of them plan or have already been to Marrakech. The popular mainstream destinations such as the Maldives and Thailand have become sort of a last-season attraction, and Morocco is still an unexplored and refreshing recommendation. Check out globetrotter Candace Hampton’s Instagram stories for a more vivid and tempting view of oriental and magical Marrakech. Plus, travel bloggers are usually foodie influencers as well, so make sure you follow Steffi and Alex Aldeborgh for Instagrammable donut places, hot restaurants within your travel destination, or post-workout superfood-filled meals.

Now scroll through your social media feeds and do some thorough research on your own and maybe discover some new Instagram muses while getting ready to rock this season!