Hélène Clabecq - Journalist / Content Creator at Livesdisrupted.com


Explain the concept of Lives Disrupted?

I have a secret ... People from all walks of life approach me randomly to share all their secrets. Sometimes I even follow them into their worlds.

Lives / Disrupted is a blog I started to share my adventures and encounters. I'm fascinated by humans and spend most of my time exploring the journeys and worlds of past-criminals, artists, activists, influencers, billionaires and basically anyone I come across who wants to make an impact.

What is the inspiration behind this brand?

The inspiration behind this brand started with a very personal silver lining. 

I used to live a life that looked perfect on paper, but that did not match with my definition of a dream life. I was living on auto-pilot. 

After I took the time to reflect upon who I was at my core and what my drive was, I slowly started to make changes in my lifestyle. Country, relationships, career, etc... 

That's when I noticed that so many other people were stuck in the same situation I used to be in. 

Living a life that wasn't aligned with their true self, afraid of change and of other people's opinions.

By sharing stories of those who went through similar awakenings, I want to inspire others to do the same and rethink their life. 

Question themselves about their drive. 


I believe that once everyone starts putting energy into what they love, the world will change for the better.

How do you disrupt your industry? What are you doing differently?

This is an interesting question because my mission is to promote messages of peace and also uncover truths, by interviewing people who challenge the status quo in their own industry. This ranges from the pharmaceutical industry to the food and wellness industry, the educational, financial systems and more.

Basically anything in society that oughts to be questions and rethought.

And the way I personally disrupt my industry, N.B. Journalism, is by scratching the surface. When I interview someone, I do not just ask about their services and products. I ask about their path towards it. Their passion behind it. Their revelations, their fears. I go deep.

Another thing I do, which I believe more Journalists should consider nowadays, is experiencing for myself.

I plan on creating a piece about a rockstar? Let me come along and see what's going on behind the stage.

I want to follow around this guy who makes drinks that activates your pineal glands? Alright, let me test it for 30 days and see what happens.

I cannot talk about a topic if I have not experimented it. That's my stamp of approval and what my credibility depends on.


Explain your take on social justice. How do you implement social incentives within your brand?

The important message underlined beneath my work is that we are all one. Doesn't matter if you come from France or Guatemala, are 7 or 70 years old, have lived on the street or made your millions. I see through all that, I see the soul. I want my audience to feel more open-minded, or maybe less judgmental, after having read my stories.

Another thing I do is shoot my interviewees with their mantra. 

One thing I have not mentioned is that they are in most cases strangers. People I've only known for a few hours, though we are having a very intimate conversation and share our biggest life learning with each other. For me, that's intense. I want to show that it is possible and that we should spread more love. 

We are all humans, we all went through shit. And we all have a story to tell.

How do you motivate yourself when facing adversity?

Facing adversity is always a rough time. The way I don't let adversity crush me is by allowing myself to first release the pain and express it in healthy ways (cry it out, talk it through, dance away, write it down...). The next step, when I feel ready to, is to seek the lesson. How did it make me grow as a person? What should I do differently? how did this make me stronger, wiser? There's always always a lesson.

Explain your personal culture

I've traveled a lot as a child, therefore I grew up wanting to explore the world, further and further. 

I also come from a small city, Dunkerque in France, so I've been raised to saying hi to the bus driver, chatting with the baker and bumping into friends whenever I'd go to town. I suppose this explains my two passions, people and places.

Who are some of your favorite fashion designers?

I'm a very black and white type of girl, when it comes to clothes, so Karl Lagerfeld for Chanel comes directly to mind... I also love clean cuts and chic details that make a piece unique, else an outfit in those tones can easily look boring. 

I also adore Tom Ford, he creates very sleek though fashionable outfits, I love the way he matches patterns together, as well as material. And he's hot. And he's promoted “pussy power” at NYFW this year. So cheers to that!


As a content creator how do you feel about misrepresentation of people, brands etc in the media?

There's definitely a lot of (mis)labeling going on, that create fear, shame and anxiety among people. Fear to be themselves. To speak up. To embrace their difference and their uniqueness.

Because it does not correspond to "what society claims to be the right way". Or it doesn't fit in a box. 

Well, I think this is wrong. We still have a long way to go to accept others and stop misrepresenting them. In order to do that, we first need to accept ourselves. And in order to do that, the media need to stop categorizing, in terms of wrong and right, normal and abnormal. average and too much/too little.

We live in a capitalistic world that gains from our insecurities. People are starting to rebel against it and I'm one of those.

Through my story, I show that there is no box.

You can be bipolar and see this as a superpower.

You can be an accountant and become a rockstar.

You can be a criminal and become a speaker on empathy.

There's no rules but the ones you impose onto yourself.

And sometimes you just gotta break free.

Where do you see yourself in five years?

I see myself living closer to nature, more settled and becoming the go-to Journalist for game-changers and rule-breakers.

Brag about yourself! 

I have a miniseries documentary in preparation that I am very very excited about, about those who deconstruct cultural, societal and self-imposed limitations. 

Stay tuned!!