Lately, have you found yourself lost, void of purpose? Maybe you are just drifting with no real direction and need a little guidance in your life. Hey, lovely's I would like to introduce you too,  Christine Deloatch the CEO of and a gifted psychic advisor.  She's been featured at events in New York, Washington DC and Los Angeles. Through coaching hundreds of clients around the world, curating metaphysical community events and serving as a contributing writer for esoteric and wellness blogs, Christine seeks to help others reawaken their passion for self-discovery.  She is a graduate of Howard University, Certified Mindfulness Coach and natural-born Clairvoyant. 
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Q. At what age did you start to notice your abilities?

A. At the age of 10, I experienced my first sighting of what is commonly known as a Shadow Person.  That event triggered my curiosity into spirituality from a mystical standpoint.  

Q. As a clairvoyant, how do you see the world?

A. I see the world through an empowered lense.  I understand that life can either happen to you, or you can consciously decide to create your reality.  Through my clients, I am able to see how connected we are to one another, and how all of our relationships mirror us in some way.  As a clairvoyant, I understand the value of noticing nuances and synchronicities from Spirit--things a typical person may overlook or deem as a coincidence.

A. What type of readings do you do?

Q. I use tarot and oracle cards in my readings.  I think they are excellent tools because they allow the querent to visually experience how energy can be translated into a tangible message.  I also conduct scrying readings with a crystal ball.  My subconscious brings images to the surface for my conscious mind to observe.  I decipher the meaning of the symbols and communicate the purpose of the messages to my clients.

Q. Please explain your approach?

A. My approach is very open and flexible.  I’ve completed thousands of reading sessions, so no question or concern shocks me anymore.  My compassion and non-judgment allows for clients to feel comfortable about their vulnerability with me.  I do not use particular spreads in my sessions.  Each person is unique, so therefore the deck that I choose to use and the layout of the cards will be determined in the moment.  I also believe in coaching, counseling and empowering my clients.  I seek to highlight and enhance their strengths and cocreate a plan for improvement when needed.  You may not always receive what you were hoping to hear in my sessions, but you will leave feeling encouraged that you can manifest better circumstances in the future.  

Q. What is your biggest accomplished thus far in your career?

A. My biggest accomplishment thus far would be quitting my 9 to 5 in Washington, DC and moving to Long Beach, CA in order to pursue a full-time entrepreneurial journey as a Psychic and Life Coach.  Quitting a job can be terrifying, along with moving across the country, but I chose to follow my intuition over feeding my fear.

Q. What is one thing your clients have in common?

A. I think the biggest thing my clients and I have in common is the willingness to ask for help.  It can be easy to allow ego, denial or stubbornness to get in the way of seeking guidance.  I understand, along with my clients, how valuable it is to be transparent, speak up and ask for assistance in times of need.

A. Do you do readings for yourself? if yes,  is it easier to do readings for yourself?

Q. I do read for myself.  It took time, to gain the confidence to do so though.  When I am in a balanced state emotionally, especially after meditation, my readings provide such clarity and direction.  However, if I am overwhelmed or anxious, it becomes challenging to decipher the messages clearly.  I feel reading for myself is easier, generally speaking, because I am very self-aware.  No one else will know me quite like I do.  


Q. Where do you see yourself in the next five years?

A. In the next five years, I see myself traveling the world to provide readings and coaching for clients. I will host spiritual retreats and wellness events to bring together open-hearted and compassionate individuals seeking to grow.  I will also have a brick and mortar location that will serve as a community space for spiritual enrichment.  I see myself having published my very own oracle deck too.

Cheers to Peace of Mind 🥂

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Q. Do you have any favorite designers?

A. Yes, I do! My dream wardrobe would consist of all things Balmain, bags by Saint Laurent, shoes by Brian Atwood and shades by Tom Ford.  For everyday wear, I’d vote for Rag and Bone and Alexander Wang.


Brag about yourself!

I am a determined entrepreneur who happens to have a passion for spirituality. With that said, just because I love spirituality does not mean I want to live a meek existence.  I will continue to manifest a life of abundance and show my clients how to do the same.  People generally view psychics as brooding, manipulative mystical women with heavy makeup and zero fashion sense.  I am breaking the stereotype and showing the world how optimistic, authentic and stylish we can be!  I know that by investing in myself and practicing self-love, I will always be a great example and resource for those whom I serve in my practice.

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