I have been following Cameron Dallas Career for the last 5 years, in fact, a few years ago, on Hollywood Blvd. I witness one of his stunts, Cameron and one of his friends, was giving out free massages on Hollywood blvd, it didn't take me long to realize who he was and that it was a prank, I was funny to watch and see the look on people faces as they passed by.

  Cameron rise to fame has not been easy, he has constantly remained loyal to himself and his very large fan base including me.  Over the past 2 years, we have seen a decline in vine activity and an increase in appearing on the big screen, with leading roles in  Expelled & Outfield. Rumors of Cameron  possibly making an appearance in Neighbors 2 have been flying around the internet for the last year.  Very soon the young socialite will  be dominating reality TV with his Netflix show expected to air in less than 3 months. 

How was your day?😊

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Beach today was 🔥🔥 @cgeovanni @aaroncarpenter

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Although Cameron has faced Controversy and losing a few friends along the way, some of them Youtubers, Matthew Espinosa decided not to attend the Magcon Tour last year, Calling Cameron selfish and decided to publicly bash him on twitter. Because of all the drama, Cam uploaded a video explaining how felt about the situation.

I guess the icing on the cake was being arrested while filming a Youtube video, Cam arrest was on of the highest trending stories in the US in 2015. A few months later he uploaded a video explaining his side of the story, Cam also takes responsibility for his actions and is very apologetic to the arresting officer. 




There’s obviously a sense of responsibility that comes with having this following and having fans, and so there’s a lot of stuff that I won’t are to post just because I want to be a good influence, I just watch my content, but for the most part, I usually just post, what I want to post. My lifestyle’s not really something where I’m thinking in my head, like, Oh crap, I shouldn’t post that. -CAMERON DALLAS 

Cameron  is not just a YouTuber, Somehow he scored a personal Invite to the MET Gala by Anna Wintour.  Fashion in Revolt wishes you the best, on your journey.