If you have not heard about Astoria at Central Park West in Irvine, Calif. you are about to!

Because of my hard work and dedication to my magazine, I was invited to spend two nights at a luxury community known as the Astoria at Central Park West. 

Luxury can be a divisive word. Traditionally, a luxury denotes something that is enjoyed by certain people and not by others. It speaks of the privilege and exclusivity enjoyed by an elite and unattainable few. Having not personally inherited a membership card to society, I find this concept to be incredibly boring. I know I am not the only one. This is until I was invited to stay at Astoria. 

When I pulled up to the front of the building, two bold, majestic buildings towered over me; a tall man walked up to greet me with a bigger smile than mine. I walked inside, and this is where my adventure started. A beautifully designed apartment was waiting, with my favorite wine stocked in the fridge, the apartment at beautiful and cozy 65 degrees—thus my delight began.

The furniture is perfectly arranged—a white couch perpendicular to the armchair, behind that is where I found a white marble desk and behind me; the backdrop of the beautiful city of Irvine, Calif. I slept in the master bedroom, with fantastic closet space and a killer view.  None of the residents were aware of my arrival, which I must say I loved!  Most of the people I encountered were millennials some just moving in; others had been there for a while. The most important aspect for me was how the employees are treated, which to my surprise was better than I expected.  I loved how management recognized every one of the front desk concierge employees by name and the valet attendants.

Luxury is something that must be experienced, it is not just the design of your home or the latest tech, it’s how you are treated by the staff of your building and what they are willing to do for you. I honestly was dealt with by the staff as if I lived there and had been there for years, anything I asked for—no matter what—was accommodated with no hesitation or questions. I began to think I lived there! In short, it was an amazing experience.

Here some more facts about millennials, 90 percent of millennials in Los Angeles have the credit scores and necessary income to buy a home but are leasing instead, according to a report recently released by Zillow. With this piece of knowledge, Astoria has not only created a luxury apartment but a luxury living experience that has captured the attention of millennials. Astoria and its employees are working hard to achieve new levels of luxury with their recent plans to redo the lobby and build a members-only club to provide an exceptional dining experience for residents at  Astoria.

A penthouse with a view is no longer enough for wealthy Californians—they want five-star hotel amenities in their apartments. That means room service delivered from world-renowned restaurants, a private health club and spa at the ready and, most importantly, a smiling concierge on call at all hours to accommodate every aspect of their lives; Astoria offers this and more!

Astoria is a new approach to the idea of luxury growing specifically within the millennial generation, by understanding we are not content to take up space and to buy what it sold to us. We have the need to see things, to understand art and drink to an incredible beauty that technology and art have shown us. Astoria is elegantly shifting focus to design and art to produce a living experience unmatched by any luxury community—allowing residents to customize their living spaces fully, to create their luxury living experience. Astoria has made a conscious choice to discover quality and to produce a new level of luxury living, designed for delight and pleasure to help capture a sense of wonder. Granite counters, floor-to-ceiling windows and amazing architecture to help create the ultimate luxe living experience.

Make an appointment and I promise you a week later you will be moving in!