Nautilus House

Fashion is not just art or a way of expressing one’s self. It’s a concept which combines truth, natural beauty, and imagination. One mustn’t just look good in trendy colors and fabrics; one must choose the right created by the right designer and carry it. That feeling of comfort which arises from being true to ourselves is what makes an artistic creation our own.

Nautilus House

That is just what Javier Senosiain of Arquitectura Organica did when he designed The Nautilus House.  Born in Mexico in 1948, this advocate of organic architecture designed many structures that are controversial yet easy to accept. The Nautilus House which was built sometime around 2006 is known not only for its unique shell shape but its natural flow that is true to its surroundings. Located close to Mexico City, the home was designed to accommodate a family of four who longed for a house that was outside traditional architectural concepts and one that would incorporate the natural surroundings within the inner living spaces. 

The outer design of the Nautilus House looks as though it has emerged from the very grounds it sits on. Surrounded by green and open spaces, the shell-shaped structure is colored in shades of beige and brown with a colorful stained glass window wall to contrast against its natural palette. Sunlight coming through the stained window wall fills the entrance with an orange glow. The inner spaces are filled with rounded windows that allow natural light to illuminate the details. From the shower heads and sinks to hallways and rooms, Nautilus’s unbroken continuous design is nothing short of whimsical. 


The staircase looks like perfectly balanced pebbles that are snuck within the greenery as they float up. The interior seating lounge next the stained window wall surrounded by rich brown soil and fresh greens are reminiscent of a large yellow flower that bloomed its soft-pedals to welcome those who wish to enjoy themselves in its lush and colorful setting.

Hints of inspiration from Frank Lloyd Wright’s dedication to incorporating architectural design into its natural surroundings are apparent. Creating juxtapositions between the rugged natural elements and modern architectural details is a signature of Wright’s school of thought, and its presence within Senosiain’s design is enjoyable to see. Yes, it is architecturally familiar yet still unique and artistically bold. But this house also has a strong livability factor. The interior lighting embedded within its walls and the incorporation of nature within its interior space without overwhelming its sense of coziness and comfort makes it easy to visualize an everyday family-that is, a family with a unique sense of style and a love for nature and bold colors- living within its walls and making irreplaceable memories. 

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