The Sona Weaver Fine Jewelry Collection 2018


Los Angeles, California -There is jewelry and then there is adornment. The Sona Weaver Collection by Nina Collins goes beyond being a luxury line of jewelry. Each handpicked gemstone tells a unique story, traveling from around the globe to be crafted in Los Angeles by a 5th generation jeweler.

With a range of radiant colors drawing the eye to their luster, the 18K gold is woven into exquisite textures. Raw Turquoise takes you to the stunning blue-green sea of the Amalfi Coast, the cotton candy pink sapphires reminisce of butterfly sky sunsets in LA, emeralds transport you to the Canary Islands reflecting the simplicity of natural beauty.

As you scroll through the pages of designs it is reminiscent of perusing a sweet shop in Jaipur just as Collins intended.


This collection features a selection of rings, bangles, bracelets, necklaces and earrings. Each distinctive, handcrafted and handled with passion and intention. Collins has designed a line of art – a new take on timeless elegance with a modern twist. One of a kind pieces that will remain classics.

It is apparent that Nina Collins breathes life back into the creation of jewelry. “Trends are fleeting, but good taste never goes out of style - Sona Weaver is my expression of timeless design.”

Born in the alleys of Jaipur and inspired by nature around the world from Shanghai to Byron Bay there is a piece that will speak to every individual.

Launching Autumn 2018 with prices ranging from $500-$4,000, the collection will be available online and at specialty stores around the globe.