Audentes Leather is a brand created in California in 2016 by two lifelong friends.  Alex and Jose, The brand's initial focus were on the production of high quality, hand-made leather accessories for men, such as wallets and Money clips.  Soon they started to sell to local, independent boutiques, and rapidly expanded during that first year to other boutiques across California. 

During that first year due to the growth and demand of their clients, they were getting a lot of requests to expand their products and include some pieces for women. However, creating customs pieces for women, they would have to be both one of a kind and express elements of a woman's personality with the goal of evoking the same feeling in those who wore it. 


In spring of 2017, Audentes Leather, created the first line of clutches and bags using different textures such as Icelandic sheep, Mongolian lamb, and Calf hair, so that now, everyone can find a great hand-made leather accessory that fits their unique personality. 

We are aware, that, our designs are not for everyone. But at the same time, we are not trying to please every market. We are focusing on a specific group of people that wants and appreciate having a piece that doesn’t look like every other purse in the market. A design that is a statement, and that it’s an expression of their personality. Said, Alexandra Co-Founder of Audentes.


 Our brand's goal is to designs and produces timeless, durable, high-quality leather pieces with that element of ‘uniqueness ‘  for clients who make durability, boldness, and beauty a priority and value the work of handmade pieces made by artisans here in the USA. ’ Said  Jose, Co-Founder of Audentes.

Every piece is thoughtfully designed keeping the balance between creating something unique and something classic. Alex & Jose are working on reshaping the accessories industry by creating pieces that, while stylish, don’t go in and out of style quickly and will be worn throughout different seasons. "We want to create pieces that are unique but also long lasting due to both high quality and timeless design. Said, Alex, and Jose 

They use the talents of skilled artisans, to craft each piece while keeping in mind at all times- what their clients want. All within the mindset that each part and piece, each detail, must be thoughtful and lasting.

 Every product is a unique piece; identical replicas are not possible as every natural leather from calf hair to Icelandic lamb it’s unique. Audentes can offer the same colors but never the same pattern, making each piece unique and special, in less than two years, Audentes leather is now in 5 different States, and just this year they expanded to Japan. When asked what they consider to be the key to their growth, They both said keeping focus on the values that are important to them is the key. 

"We believe that quality, Craftsmanship, and service is what defines our brand. We hope that everything we make will be used and loved for years and that it will bring our client's as much joy at the moment they discovered as the many moments you will be complimented on it. Said, Jose 

If you want to learn more about this brand, please visit Audentes. Want a closer look at this brand, be sure to sign up for our guest list, Audents will be one of the brands featured at our launch party for our first digital magazine.