How Cosmetic Procedures Can Impact Your Modeling Career

Most people consider models the most beautiful people on the planet, and to an extent – they’re right. However, it’s quite a generalization to lump together so many people, since models literally come in so many varieties, and putting them in a mold doesn’t do justice to anyone. But with beauty standards constantly changing and the bar steadily rising, models themselves are put under a lot of pressure to look “perfect” - whatever that may be. As an option, many turn to cosmetic surgery to help them achieve their perfect look, but what are the things you should consider, and how can this impact a model’s career?

Stay unique


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The modeling market is so saturated with gorgeous people that just being “perfect” doesn’t work anymore. You need to have something about you that is unique and that people will remember. And if you are already signed with an agent, ask them what they think your special features are, to be sure that you are not accidentally changing some part of you that was the very reason you were booked. Strong eyebrows, interesting facial features and even conditions like vitiligo are what made some model’s careers, because it made them special. Think about what you want to be and how you want to present yourself, and go for that, without copying what others around you are doing.

Beauty or clothing?

Some of the world’s best supermodels can just do it all: they can strut the runway, make the clothing look fantastic and have a gorgeous headshot every time. However, most models opt to specialize for a single field and work within that. If that is beauty modeling, then you want to make sure your face is on point every day and that you have a signature look that people will both be able to recognize and relate to. You want to put a lot of care into your skin and consider procedures like line fillers, lip fillers, microblading and pigment correction. However, if you are a runway or clothing model, you will want to pay a lot of attention to how your body looks. This entails always being the right size for the industry you are working in and having the right proportions. Some can achieve this through diets and exercise, but eventually, everyone needs a little help to stay in top shape.

The perfect proportions



We have, for the past few decades, worshiped the hourglass figure. We like to see everything proportionate, with curves in the right places. This means that a lot of models that naturally don’t have an hourglass figure are finding help and success with breast enlargements or simply getting a breast lift to put everything in the right place and keep a natural look. The same goes for behinds and thighs, because sometimes the natural distribution of body fat is not the ideal that the industry is looking for. Not every model needs to have an hourglass shape, but if you strive to make it big, you need to conform to what the industry is looking for right now. Of course, regular exercise and a good diet to keep yourself in the form needed is imperative and no surgery can be a replacement for that.

Natural, but enhanced

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People want to relate to the models they are seeing in the magazines and online, and if you are photoshopped to perfection, not many people will be able to do that. This is why the simple notion of enhancing natural features is becoming so popular. Freckles are celebrated, but all other skin imperfections are removed, so even though the freckles are there and look cute, there aren’t any clear imperfections. It is the same effect gained by teeth whitening or porcelain veneers, natural lip fillers, microneedling and so many other procedures that leave you looking human, yet a bit better. And even if you are not a model, you can turn to these “natural look” procedures to fix any imperfections that are bothering you, as long as you keep in mind that the goal isn’t to look perfect.

Being a model is extremely difficult, because it asks of people to constantly change their look to fit what the industry is looking for. The best way to be a successful model is to be yourself and be approachable and versatile enough so that you can easily slide into any mold you want to. Make sure you don’t lose yourself while searching for the perfect look and that the most important part is that you feel good in the body you are in.

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