Hi Readers

Hello Readers, 

Hi, I'm Joseph; the Editor-in-Cheif of fashion in Revolt.  

I'll just jump right in, A few weeks ago I was struggling to decide if I wanted to continue with FIR and if it was worth keeping the Fashion in Revolt up. Durning this time, the pressure to keep the site updated was a bit too much. Unfortunately, the momentum slowed down; which made me question whether or not I should continue to spend time on FIR.  



Writing that letter, I felt like a murderer. I knew I was killing my dream because I no longer believed in it or so I thought.  I did not think about how this would affect my team, or how they would react. After all its my decision to make, I'm ready for something new or so I throught. 


"Look at all you have accomplished, Look at what you could achieve in the next three years."- A friend from London. 

My mind started spinning, thinking about all the things I want to accomplish, but that wasn't enough. I sat down with Christine Delotch and Erika Archer, of course, they both told me not to give up,  one week later I was invited to La Jolly Fashion in Film awards. 

Never give up on your dreams no matter how bleak things look. 

I'm sorry for my absence. I will continue to curate incredible stores that will inspire you. Don't forget we are the only Millennial magazine that focuses on fashion, entertainment, and social justice.  

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