A gender neutral society could be closer than you think!  I remember seven years ago a man in a dress heading a national Ad campaign was out of the question.  The last three years we have seen a huge change, starting with  Jaden Smith, Louis Vuitton Ad campaign. Although there are people throwing shade every time a man does something that questions the masculinity dominates feminity idea. 
When did we start limiting our thoughts of gender identity, more importantly, why is it based on behaviors or traits accredited to masculinity or femininity? 

I guess Sisley got tired of waiting for these question to be answered and decided to do something about it! 
   Sisley’s new FW17 Campaign, conceived by star photographer Bettina Rheims: Sisley once again challenges gender stereotypes with grace, style, and sensibility.

 The headliners of the campaign, dressed in iconic Sisley outfits, pose in front of wooden boxes that bring to mind those used for transporting great works of art. Among them are transgender models Stav Strashko and Casil McArthur. 
American Rain Dove (who in her career has posed in both male and female clothes). As well as Fernanda Beuker, Sohyun Jung, Adela Stenberg and Freddie Ashcroft, one-of-a-kind charmers with androgynous looks.

 The issue of gender equality is difficult to “capture,” as evidenced by the set design, as well as the clichés of what is masculine and what is feminine. "To open new paths, people’s reactions and emotions, including anger and fear, must be triggered,” says French photographer Bettina Rheims
  Sisley chose to deal with society’s prejudices by showing individuals for what they truly are, giving them an even stronger voice. This is a major step for the brand, known for its rebellious identity as well as for its unconventional points of view. A new chapter in an original, unique and modern story."