In 2014 Seth Jordan Weissman and Joseph Altuzzar tied the knot, in front of their friends and family.( “ I'm blissfully happy and overjoyed, I have truly found the man of my dreams,” says Altuzzar) A power couple for sure Weissman, 31 is a found and managing partner of Weissman Equities, a real estate development company in NYC, and found of the CityShares, a real estate investment firm in New York.  Joseph Altuzzar is the owner and creative direction of his own fashion house, Altuzzar.  Joseph and Same 3 year anniversary is approaching and we are all wondering what the lovers are going to do?
Friends close to the designer have told FIR that the couple may be thinking of adopting, but we couldn’t find any information to support it. We wish Joseph & Seth all the love and success in the world.  




Looks like Alexander Wang received a invitation

My favorite part of the wedding!