Les Plaisirs de Minuit by Andrée Ciccarelli

Les Plaisirs de Minuit by Andrée Ciccarelli is the latest collection from Ciccarelli's brand of made to order lingerie. This collection, with a high sense of elegance, sensuality and city girl edge, is brought to life through our collaboration with the French Graphic Design company, "Petites Luxures." Together, we created "Petits dessins d'intimité" small, detailed, intimate drawings for the collection. The drawings have been embroidered into our sheer fabric to create textures and summon hidden stories within the pieces for Les Plaisirs de Minuit, meaning Midnight Pleasures. The custom fabrics are made to order in Long Island City and is produced only when ordered. All pieces in the collection are created in our New York City home studio. Each piece can be customizable in size and fit because we believe that lingerie should be a personal experience for every woman. 

Every woman deserves her midnight pleasures.