Everywhere I go, I get compliments on my Mohawk, and I get asked all the time who my barber is. Finally, I am going to answer all your questions! 

 Tevest Lee 

Tevest Lee 

Teves Lee is a licensed 5th generation master barber of 30 years, current barber instructor, and former barber to the stars; with clients like Master "P," Denzel Washington, Vicellous Shannon, Derrick Alexander and Crest Williams and the list goes on. Teves focuses on her ability to give her clients exactly what they want. 

Teves is currently opening a Barbering school offering barbers and stylist a chance to learn from the best. Master Barbering Academy and the Master Barbering 101 course will teach students the step by step process to develop new techniques of clipper cutting, that works for the student.  Students will learn different blending, graduation, and taper techniques, as well how to perform those techniques on all types of hair using clipper or shears.

There are three levels of the course, 1st being "The Icebreaker course," it is designed for the stylist who has a desire to create a new clientele base or just offer more services to existing clients. The 2nd is " The Collector course," it is designed to teach students and newly licensed barbers and stylists the proven shortcuts from a 30-year career behind the chair, In addition to how deciding what tools and equipment work best for them and their style of cutting.

The 3rd. Is "The Pearl Course," it is designed for the seasoned barber or stylist with a desire to learn how to cut more hair in a shorter period as well as layering services in a single setting to increase the price point. 
She has created a Kickstart campaign to raise money for the school, Donate today and enrollment will begin soon!


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