Emerging designer Mimi Tran is back with her second collection, I found this collection to be mesmerizing and captured the elegance of a woman, fearless and true to herself.  Creative, with sensual concepts that take you on a journey to a land of elegance and mystery. As I continued watch the runway show, I was pulled into another universe of beautiful elegant art captured to produce a unique emotional experience.  As a fashion writer and a self-proclaimed fashion-lover, I look for designers that tell stories in their collection, I want the story to take me to another universe or show the inner-working of the designer inspirational spirit. Fashion design is art, it’s self-expression. How we dress the music we listen to helps shape our personal culture.  Mimi Tran is an embodiment of self-expression and person culture, she has found a unique and creative way show the world her level of creativity and luxury.  But don’t take my word for it! Watch the runway show.