Flo Millar

 Flow Millar, has  already been shot by some of the world’s most famous photographers - including Annie Leibovitz who shot her for the September issue of American Vogue in a Burberry special - and now as a Burberry exclusive, it’s a rise to success that is usually reserved for the Kendall Jenners of the world.

We caught up with Flo before she made her catwalk debut to find out just who this girl is.
Tell me a bit about how you got into modeling. How were you scouted?

Well it all started when I was ordering a beer at the Glasgow University Student Union. A photographer, Raffie, was working behind the bar and asked if I had ever thought about modeling. I said I hadn't and he asked if I'd be interested in doing a test shoot with him, which I then did, and it led to me joining a small agency in Glasgow. I soon realized it wasn't the right agency for me, I think it’s important that anyone starting out in modeling needs to feel a bond with their bookers. I was then scouted via Instagram by my booker Mark at Colours Agency in Glasgow, went in for a meeting the following day and signed a contract there and then. I haven’t looked back; it’s best decision I could have made.

Do you model full time and was it always an ambition of yours?

It was never an ambition for me - I'd never considered modelling before Raffie approached me, but after doing some fun test shoots I thought I would give it a bash. I thought it would just be a hobby. I’m still at university until May (Flo is in her final year studying economic and social history) but then it’ll hopefully become full time, like it has been this summer.

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How have things changed since you signed with your agency? 

Sooo much has changed in such a short period of time. I was placed with Elite London in April and it’s just been a rollercoaster ever since. My first job with them was for Urban Outfitters – quite a change from the job I had last summer, working in a chip shop back in my hometown.

Have there been any particular highlights so far? What are the best and worst parts of the job?
The highlight for me, without doubt, was being shot by Annie Leibovitz for American Vogue’s September issue this year. It was such an insane day and not too bad for my first editorial ever! Meeting such amazing people and having the opportunity to work with them is definitely the best part. I’d have to say the worst part of the job is when some people forget you're a real person, not just a mannequin.

You're about to walk your first runway and it just so happens to be in the biggest show on the London Fashion Week calendar for Burberry, how are feeling? 

Bloody terrified! It’s quite surreal and I was offered an exclusive, which is even more surreal. But I'm super, super excited, it’s going to be a beautiful show and it’s such an awesome opportunity for me.

It's finally Friday, in 9.5 hours I'll be freeee... to sleep allllll weekend 💥👻💃🏽💆🏼🐌🌚🎉

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We’ve seen you more and more in the run up to the show - on Burberry's website, the teaser video for the show and their social media - so you have obviously been working with them a lot already. What's a day like in the life of a Burberry girl?

So fun! Burberry is a really lovely place to work and there's such a family feel with the team. I've been working with them a lot, with many weeks spent shooting in the basement of their offices, and I could recite every trench coat (in each fit, colour, length) to you with my eyes closed or whilst doing a handstand. But getting to work with the new collection months before its release – shooting for the look book and the website - was incredible. I love the clothes.
The collection is going straight into stores and online as soon as it appeared on the runway, what do you have your eye on from the show?
There are so many beautiful pieces so it’s hard to choose, but I love the new coats and there are some seriously cool boots.

Is there another model that you look up to?

I wouldn't say I look up to anyone in modelling - everyone has a different look, nobody is the same, so I wouldn't want to BE like anyone. I do love Cara Delevingne for her relaxed and calm, cool attitude. I'm inspired by anyone who hasn't allowed their success to go straight to their head or who takes it too seriously – it should be fun.

What might we see you doing in five years?

I think I'd like to be living in New York. I’ll be 25 then so hopefully I'll keep the wrinkles at bay and still be able to model! If that doesn't go to plan I’d either like to be a historian or a famous chef. Diverse.

Where will we find you when you aren't in front of the camera?

On my sofa, with my housemates around, eating pizza and watching a box set. Or hibernating in the university library with a million essays I've left until the last minute.