Brock O'Hurn

I sat in my thinking chair for hours looking for Brock O’Hurn, Honestly I had no idea who he was or what he did. A few months ago I posted a pictured on Instagram, he liked it! I just figured he was another male model. I quickly glanced at his account and went back to my work.

Anyone want to guess what I'm being for Halloween?! 😈🎃😉 (Also taking suggestions)

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A few months later I stumble on a high-end jewelry website called Ebb & Flow to my surprise one of the owners happen to be Brock O’Hurn. So I began my investigation! Brock O’Hurn is an actor who stars in Too close to home and Boo! A Media Halloween.  He has been featured on BUZZFeed and The Huffington post, Brock is well known for his man-bun which says helped him achieve his level of Instagram-stardom.


Visit, you will fall in love