With out Bullshit Attack on Revolt PR

 I wrote a press release that I distributed without having it edited by a second and third pair of eyes. 

Screen Shot

You're thinking, "why you are highlighting one of your failures?" And here is your answer: I believe we only fail when we stop learning.  Have you ever heard the phrase "there's no such things as bad publicity"? As you can see from the screenshots above Josh decided to tear apart sentence by sentence, what I wrote. 

Although I don't understand why he meta-tagged my full name, name of my business and included a picture of me. Everyone has a right to free speech, and once it's on the internet, it's fair game. I'm don't even blame him for being a bit ticked off about the press release.  

 What I've decided to do is brush this off and take this situation as a learning experience. I will not be so in a hurry to push out content without having it check spelling and grammar errors.  I cannot figure out why I was so in a hurry in; maybe I wanted to keep up the momentum. 

Aware of my mistakes, I decided that my business needed to be rebranded. I took my site down and looked long hard at the content that was being disseminated by my company.

Entrepreneurs, you will make several mistakes over the course of your careers. Let my lesson be a lesson for you. Protect your brand by ensuring the content you are putting out represent your brand, voice, and values. 

It took this form of negativity for me to realize that my voice is what matters most to my business.

In life we have two choices, we can bury our head in the sand or own up to our mistakes, This blog post is me owning up to my mistake. People will use your weakness and mistakes to push their brand... don't give them that power.