J!NS originated in japan with over 360 stores worldwide, Their hit product - which sets them apart from competitors in the industry - are glasses that block blue light emitted from digital devices by 25% - in these social media crazed days, this is perfect for our tech savvy fashionistas.

The J!NS lenses have clear lenses so you see normally and be seen normally. 

With all the devices a person can use in day J!NS products are not only very effective for preventing eye strain but  look great and feel great.  After purchasing a Pair for myself, I notice the difference immediately.  Honestly, it’s a great buy, they have a style for everyone.  Here the science behind this amazing product.  

A 2011 clinical study conducted by J!NS and Keio University showed a significant difference In the decrease of Critical Flicker Frequency (CFF), an index use to measure eye strain. The index works by flashing a blinking light at an increasing speed in for of subject’s eyes.  The faster the speed of the light they can detect, the less strained their eye are.  Subjects wearing J!NS SCREEN exhibited a smaller reduction in baseline CFF than those who weren’t wearing the glasses. 

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