Ivyrevel, the H&M-backed fast-fashion house out of Sweden, debuts capsule of the ultimate statement pieces, the Ivyrevel DIAMOND Collection - now available by special order only.

The new exclusive Diamond Collection available only for special order. Digital fashion powerhouse Ivyrevel. With their unique understanding of pop culture and millennials, they are changing the rules of fashion to inspire and promote self-confidence in young woman around the world. Ivyrevel is constantly changing and evolving to create a unique brand for a unique consumer.   

Introducing Ivyrevel’s DIAMOND COLLECTION made with the greatest attention to detail and uncompromising choice of fabrics and materials. These pieces represent the ULTIMATE extravagance. Cut for bold, striking silhouettes and hand-embroidered with thousands of glass CRYSTALS a piece, they’re made for those nights when nothing but the dopest of GLAMOUR is enough. The Ivyrevel DIAMOND capsule garments are the ultimate statement pieces and are available by special order only.

 VYREVEL is a pioneering digital fashion brand proud to be supported by H&M GROUP, PAYPAL and selected influential business giants within digital technology which launched globally in April 2016.

“We are proud to be digital-only, breaking boundaries to create a new fashion heritage by merging fashion creativity with technological innovation,” says Dejan Subosic,  Co-Founder of IVYREVEL.

IVYREVEL's style is polished, bold and extrovert, with a focus on feminine silhouettes and a dressed-up attitude. The IVYREVEL woman is a “revelista” who uses online living to her own advantage, setting her own rules, looking for the next trend she spots on her feed, always sharing her cosmopolitan lifestyle on social media.

Most of the designs will be limited edition, adding particular uniqueness for a global offering. The product range will be constantly monitored and updated to meet customer’s needs: there will always be something new and unique at IVYREVEL

For more information go to www.Ivyrevel.com