Alexander Wang

Rendering via WWD
Thanks to his new Soho store, Alexander Wang stars in big articles in both WWD and New York magazine's Fashion Issue. WWD even has pictures of Wang standing in the shop's big, vaguely S&M interior cage, which we spotted on Saturday.
Wang tells the paper that he'd loved the space back when it housed Yohji Yamamoto, which might explain why he didn't make many sweeping alterations other than the cage. He is, however, planning on bringing in a trio of PETA-flouting fixtures: A leather couch, a leather rug, and a hammock made of fox fur. Deliberately imperfect metal display tables and rubber-dipped hangars will add texture and edge, and the whole thing will open to the public on Thursday, although there's a private opening party Tuesday night.

New York mag's piece focuses more on the designer than the store, though it does note that Wang had to contend with renovation difficulties on both the retail space and his own apartment this winter. The whole article is worth reading, but our favorite details include a) the fact that sometimes people mistake him for a girl (androgyny really is hot right now!) and b) the fact that his success was allegedly foretold by a fortune teller before he was born. Wang also has interesting things to say on the subject of manufacturing internationally: "I think people have this connotation with China as a negative thing, and it’s quite old-fashioned and quite ancient to think like that." Sadly, we don't get to hear him explain why.

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