The young Italian design House, AMEN has quickly become one to watch with its fresh & effortless take on contemporary luxury fashion. Their unique originality, exquisite construction & subtle opulence are prevalent throughout both their Ready-to-wear & Couture range. The Feminine lines & glamourous details coupled with clean silhouettes, have made the coveted brand renowned in the world of design. AMEN’s signature design sensibility and great respect of elevated craftsmanship have caught the eyes of sophisticated, confident & strong female across the globe.

AMEN: a clear name, a universal sound, a declaration of intent that goes beyond the geographic constraints. In this way, without hesitations, AMEN interprets the new idea of contemporary luxury, accessible and sought-after at the same time. A winning combination of craftsmanship, exclusive details, and pure creativity, that makes every piece unique and timeless. Jewel embroideries, sartorial manufacturing, as well as state-of-the-art fabrics and a continuous stylistic research, combined with each other in the successful mix that is the signature on every AMEN dress, a refined play between opposites, effectively balancing tradition and innovation. Interpreting an idea of beauty and elegance that goes beyond the single trend, AMEN speaks to a sophisticated and strong woman, eccentric but ultra-feminine, sensual yet never vulgar. A woman that likes to be the center of attention. And she always does it with style.