Tokyo Seoul and Tbilisi Fashion Week Vibes


If you’ve ever watched How I Met Your Mother you must remember the episode in which Ted attempts to rock red cowboy boots. If you do, you’ve probably referenced his ‘’ line in a conversation or two, because we’ve all had at least one garment or outrageous outfit that we dared to wear, and despite other people’s reactions we thought we totally pulled the look off. Well, unlike Ted, who with his simple tees and hoodies definitely did not pull the boots off, it seems that when it comes to these three fashion capitals, there is nothing their fashionistas can’t rock and definitely pull off. We’re not sure whether experimenting with styles and downright outrageous outfits is a cultural thing, but compared to these bold style gurus, the rest of us look like we’re playing it completely and utterly safe, even when we think we’ve made some bold fashion moves. Needless to say, when it comes to being innovative and brave, fashion-wise, we have plenty to learn from these three cities, so let’s move on to the dominant vibes and perhaps spark that innovation drive that will push us out of our comfort zone.

What news from Japan?

 They Are Wearing: Tokyo Fashion Week Fall 2018


The Japanese seem to have a completely different mindset compared to the western world, and those differences are definitely manifested through their fashion choices as well. One of the first dominant vibes that were spotted on the streets during fashion week is the blurring of gender lines and roles. Women were spotted rocking oversized pantsuits with white button-downs and either dad sneakers or clunky platform shoes, but then again so were men, so at times it was a tad difficult to distinguish them. We talk the talk on gender lines, but Tokyo walks the walk, and we definitely applaud this move. Men were also flaunting patterns, long black skirts and high-heel boots, and as progressive as we like to believe we are, we don’t think our fellas will be putting skirts on anytime soon. The animal print in combination with gingham and numerous others made a strong and abundant appearance, so while Tom Ford may have presented the pattern for the upcoming fall, the fashion forward women of Tokyo have already taken to the trend, in their own unique way of course. Finally, aside from patterns and prints galore, it seems that bold hair color choices are a major trend in the Japan capital, and their choice of color puts our balayage and temporary Coachella rainbow dyes to shame.

All about athleisure



When you look at the fashion landscape of Seoul, there is one trend that pops out more than all others, and it’s virtually present in a variety of looks. Of course, we’re talking about the athleisure trend. We might have come up with it and even introduced the word to official dictionaries, but they’ve taken it to a whole new realm. First, we have the ‘toned down’ version which features preppy garments such as berets, crew sweaters and white shirts with prominent collars, and the ‘athletic’ twist lies in the choice of footwear – the mighty sneaker. Others opted for super-sized pinstripe suits, all the while making sure the dad sneakers and hoodies take center stage. Minimalism was scarce, and even when present, it was sprinkled with athletic vibes – puffer jackets and sneakers of course. While we probably won’t be copying these looks to the letter, we can definitely draw inspiration from them, and since athleisure seems to rule everywhere, you might as well be a bit bolder and rock something along the lines of the Mint Athletic athletic apparel, as this is one of those brands that walks the fine line between outrageous and totally functional and sexy.

This is where elegance is hiding

 Street Style at Tbilisi Fashion Week


While pure classic elegance was not in attendance in the streets of Tokyo and Seoul, Tbilisi is the place to find it. We need to discuss prints first. It seems that the women of Tbilisi were greatly influenced by the dominant trends coming from such fashion capitals as New York, as polka dots, one of the most beloved returning pattern of the season, were abundantly present in their looks. Some opted for emerald green polka dot dresses with interesting slits and Victorian collars, while others kept things traditional and took the black and white polka dot route reminiscent of both Carolina Herrera and Diane Von Furstenberg – the wrap element. The fanny pack was rocked by a number of men, so it’s safe to say that this will be the global it bag, but we’re even more intrigued by the double shirt combo which a lot of men could most certainly pull off. See-through fishnet tops were huge on the streets of Tbilisi as well, so we’ll see whether your typical New Yorker or Parisian will be bold enough to rock them outside the clubbing scene. Finally, just when we thought the era of white boots was over, the women of this fashion capitals gave us a friendly reminder that that’s far from the truth. In fact, they took the ankle boots we were rocking, supersized them and paired them with elegant ruched dresses. Whether we’ll take the hint and do the same remains to be seen.

So, ready to rock any of these looks yet? Oh, come on, give yourself a fashion outlet and be more of a fashion daredevil. Just, don’t do it halfway like Ted – if you’re going to experiment, you have to be brave all the way.