Colours That Make Everything Look More Expensive


If you type in “Green Lady” on YouTube, you’ll get to see a very cute and eccentric old lady who literally lives in a life full of green – from clothes to kitchen appliances and equipment. That’s a definite proof that each of us has a favourite colour which we tend to wear most of the time. But it is very important, if we want to look fashionable that is, to have garments of a few very fashionable colours that we can mix into unforgettable combinations and look extremely classy. Each colour has its advantages and drawbacks, and thus a certain shade can make the whole outfit seem tacky, no matter how much we paid for it.

On the other hand, there are those colours that make everything look more expensive and more fashionable:

1. Go black or go home


The first colour on our list is definitely black, the almighty colour that makes everything precious. No matter what piece of clothing it is, if it’s black, the chances of it looking extremely expensive are way higher (of course, we’re not talking about patterned clothes). Take the little black dress (LBD) for example – this classic piece of clothing has been around for decades, and for a good reason. LBD’s look way more expensive and elegant in black than in any other colour, and that is why they are always omnipresent. Thank you black for this!

2. Ultra violet’s very ultra


Since it was chosen as Pantone’s colour of 2018, ultra violet has been all around us. According to them, ultra violet is a colour that communicates originality, uniqueness and visionary thinking that points to the future. It is a very mystical colour, and thus is being incorporated in all segments where colours are important, but most commonly in fashion.

Since this is the must-have colour of the year, it’s not unusual that all popular brands make fashion collections featuring the Queen Ultra Violet. And this is the reason why it’s such a hit colour – just pick anything of this colour and combine it with black. You’ll look extremely fashionable and expensive, no matter how much money you spent on your outfit. It’s definitely the colour you need to at least try wearing this year.

3. Desert camel


There’s something about this neutral desert sand shade that screams luxury. And we don’t have to understand why, we just need to wear it and choose our most beautiful pieces of clothing in this colour. You can start with a trench coat, which is almost always camel-coloured.

Australian women, among many other women in the world, love this colour, and they find their dose of inspiration here. Moreover, this shade is perfect for any leather bag – they look extremely luxurious, and this colour provides the bag with a certain dose of vintage, which is very much in fashion at the moment.

4. Dress up in salmon


Also known as “millennial pink”, this colour can be seen in the streets daily. It’s extremely soft yet colourful, and it makes any outfit just perfect with its neutral pastel tones. What’s even more important, salmon pink is not only popular with women, but it’s one of the top colours for men’s wardrobes as well. David Beckham, Drake, Frank Ocean and Tom Hiddleston are wearing it, so why not you?

This colour is defined by Esquire as a pink colour that encompasses dusty rose, faded peach, muted apricot and terracotta shades, so it’s no shock that it’s so popular. Due to this fact, any piece of clothing that’s millennial pink is going to be a hit – it will make you appear more fashionable than ever and it will give a great, expensive touch to your outfit.

5. The colour that’s debatable if it’s a colour


Yes, there are many and many debates on whether white is a colour or not, but we’re not here to talk about physics, but fashion. And white is, in the fashion world, one of the best colours. Even though white garments might seem very cheap if you choose them poorly, they can also have quite the opposite vibe.

Take the white blazer dress for example – if it’s made of high-quality materials and it fits you perfectly, it can look like a million dollars. Add one luxurious accessory to the combination, such as a small but nice brooch, and there you go. If you’re not sure if you’re on the black or white side more, you can also settle in between and choose grey as your luxurious colour. It’s made out of the two most fashionable colours, so it can also make everything look more expensive than it is.

As you can see, it’s not about how much you paid for a certain outfit; it’s what you make of it. And choosing anything of these colours will make your outfit not only more original and extremely fashionable, but rather luxurious and elegant as well.