Corrie Harris

 Corris Harris, Music Producer Timberland

Corris Harris, Music Producer Timberland

Corrie  Harris has worked in the entertainment industry for 20 years. After her successful career in the industry, Harris decided to peruse another dream.  She created, a blog dedicated to designers that also serves as a fashion management company for designers. Corrie recognized that upcoming fashion designers need a voice, a platform to get their work in the hands of celebrities and influencers alike.  Her client’s designs have been placed on Spike Lee's "Chiraq", Empire and the new BET show Zoe Ever After.

Q: What inspired you to be a voice for emerging designers?


A: I have had a career off and on in the entertainment industry for nearly 20 years. I began as a union actress featured in national commercials, television shows and featured films. I later moved into working as a costumer (television) and stylist assistant for well known celebrities while raising three children. My husband has worked in television, and film as a costume designer, stylist, shopper, etc, which has allowed me the opportunity to see over the years what has been missing in the fashion and entertainment industry, while also allowing me the wonderful opportunity to create relationships with various industry heads.

Fashion is a large part of who I am and I have come to know so many aspiring designer eager to find a way to be noticed.


 Q: Fashion Management?  Can you explain what you do for the designers?


A: EnTouch Fashion's primary focus from its inception in 2012 has been to provide emerging fashion designers (who are ready to take their brands to the next level) with the opportunity to be seen and featured on various entertainment industry projects on a national platform, as well as via ETF blog and social media outlets.

I have been extremely fortunate to have industry friends who have believed in my vision and allowed me the opportunity to show what my business services could provide. The Fox television phenomenon "EMPIRE" was the first project my company worked on with Emmy nominated costume designer Rita McGhee. I was able to provide the wardrobe department with half a dozen designers for the show, from that project other projects were offered.


 Corrie Harris 

Corrie Harris 

Q: What is your most notable accomplishment ?

A: My first project working on Empire has been a notable accomplishment for me. Seeing the designers fashions showcased on several episodes brought me to tears. 

Q: Explain your personal style. What influences you?

A: I have a contemporary style, but you can always find me wearing vintage pieces from time to time. Growing up my mother and grandmothers were always "put together". Not only were they" put together"but also were strong independent thinkers who never cared about fitting in.

Q: Who is your favorite designer? Why?

A: Stella Jean has been one of my favorite designers for years Now. She's vintage and modern. Conscious and contemporary!! Always making statements in her collections.

Q: Will you be designing a collection any time soon?

A: I am not interested in designing... I just have a genuine love and respect for what designers do...  I'm a Fan!

Q: What does the future hold for

A: Day by Day is how I work ETF. Being in the moment of each project is how I work. I'm inspired by the designers I work with.