Devin Nolox (X.O.C) positioned himselfs in a vast genre of electronic music, the Cleveland based producer-songwriter brings a diverse style to EDM. A powerful voice, coupled with a strong artistic sensibility; Devin has already made his mark in the entertainment industry for his blend of styles, sonorous sounds and amazing vocal talent.  Since his start in entertainment he has paved a way for a new genre of music, inspired by life events and his own artistic sentimentality of the world around him. Devin has the courage and the will power to succeed using his alternative sound to pave a way for himself creating a strong foundation to cultivate a fan base as unique as he is.

Devin grew up listening to giants of the music history, Michael Jackson & Prince, then developed a rhythm early in life, discovering an intense connection to music as time moved on. Finding himself influenced by modern day music producers, Timberland & The Neptunes, admiring their futuristic style, all while retaining urban appeal. This is what defined Devin to develop a sound that will one day be heard everywhere. 

Q: How would you describe yourself as a musician? 

A: As a musician I would describe myself as futuristic and progressive. I try to steer away from sounds that we have heard before or that are popular right now. 


Q: How long have you been writing music? 

A: I began writing songs and composing music officially in 2010.


Q: What does your writing mean to you?

A: Songwriting for me is very therapeutic, so the stories or situations I write about are very important to my growth as an individual and my expression as an artist. 


Q: What currently inspires you to do this style of music? 

A: My taste in multiple and varying genres of music directly inspire the style of music that I create. I like to mix genres to create new sounds.


Q: How would you describe your music? 

A: I would describe my music as cinematic and definitely dramatic. My love for Sci-Fi and fantasy movies influence the themes and direction I take with my sound. 


Q: What audience is your music for?

A: My audience is all the lovers of dramatic and often tragic life stories.  People who are looking for music to relate to, at the same time as stimulating their imagination with fantastical soundscapes. The poets, the artists, the lovers, and other creative types with a need to escape through art, are the ideal audience for my music. 


Q: What inspired you to start songwriting? 

A: Several failed attempts at finding songwriters to write to the music I produced, caused me to take the task on myself. 


Q: Who or what first got you involved with songwriting?

A: I always liked to write. Whether it was writing short stories or letters to another person, I found that I expressed myself best through writing. So when I couldn't find anyone who could write to the music I created, writing my own songs seemed like the obvious direction for me to go.


Q: Who are your favorite singer/songwriters and why?

A: Of the top of my head, Prince and Michael Jackson would be my favorites because they knew how to communicate their visions to a wide range of listeners. They had an accessible and relatable sound.  


Q: What have you accomplished thus far in your career & what's next for you?

A: So far, being able to make music  people enjoy is a big accomplishment in itself. My first commercial release is up next for me in 2016, as well as touring to promote the release. I'm really looking forward to spreading my music as far as it can go, and seeing where it takes me from there.